15 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Bump Update!
15 going on 16 weeks pregnant

Size of baby: Baby is about 4″ long, and roughly the size of a naval orange.

Beginning weight: 118lbs
Current Weight: 114lbs (gained 2lbs after pigging out Thanksgiving Day!)

Gender: Still unknown…. everyone thinks Girl

Movement: Just started feeling little kicks a few days ago 

Babys ♥rate- 154

Cravings: Reuben Sandwiches!! I could eat for breakfast lunch and dinner…. everyday!

Symptoms: Nausea has eased up a LOT! I’ve been getting headache which I think was caused by the Progesterone I was taking. I stopped taking it a few days ago so hopefully those go away too. 

Workouts: My workouts have not changed much. I do NOT work Ab’s at all anymore or do movements where I’m flat on my back. I have horrible ab separation so I avoid them completely. I use caution and listen to my body so if I’m not feeling it… I stop.

Disclaimer! My hubby said I shouldn’t post this. Since my “bump” isn’t really visible. I’m not posting this to rub it in or make others feel bad, It’s just an update. I think I am one who carries my babies towards my back. However this is the first time my belly wasn’t huge at this point. So continuing to workout has helped tremendously. On a side note…. come 6pm I triple in size so maybe I’ll post one of those pictures! 




12 Weeks Pregnant!

12 weeks preggo!!

Beginning BW: 118lbs
Current BW: 111lbs… up 2lbs 🙂

I can happily say morning sickness has somewhat subsided! Yay!!! I can finally eat again!! Thank goodness I threw out my kids Halloween candy… those Almond Joys kept disappearing! 😉  Now I’m just dealing with a massive case of insomnia.  Most likely from the progesterone I am taking. 

Diet: I am still following iifym and right now I’m at 60g fats 200 carbs 115 protein. Trying to slowly bring food back up. 

Training: My training hasn’t changed at the moment. I’ve lowered my weight drastically. Mainly because I’m weak from weight loss and taking a month off. Weight training 3-4 times a week. My training is anywhere from 30-60 mins.

Cardio: I do about 3-6 mins warm up on the elliptical or stepper before each workout.  It’s getting cold so I always like my muscles and joints nice and warm when I train. I also do hiit cardio 2’s a week on non training days.