27 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Bump #4 Update! 
27 weeks pregnant! After my last Dr appointment I go every 2 weeks now!

Beginning weight: 118lbs
Current Weight: 126lbs

Gender: Boy!!! Baby is the size of a rutabega! His Rate last appointment was 142! 

Maternity Clothes? Nope not yet!

Sleep? Not so good. 

Linea Nigra? Nope not yet

Stretch Marks? Not any new just old ones.

Workouts? Honestly my workouts lately have been training clients and running my gym. I know it’s an excuse but I get “crampy” towards the end of the day and being high risk it’s not worth it. 

Diet? I’m still following IIFYM, with macros at 60-85g fats/ 400-450g carbs / 110-120g Protein / 35-50g Fiber …it’s almost become difficult to hit these daily due to my stomach shrinking or being smashed lol. NOTE: this isn’t normal for most pregnant women, I worked for months before I got pregnant to build up my metabolism.

Prenatal Pill
Vitamin E
ProSupps Liquid Aminos PSXXIII
ProSupps Karbolic 
ProSupps TC-F Isolate Protein



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