Cody Lawyer Update

You know I had to post this! The two pics on the left have gone crazy over social media.  And one of the big questions posted was “what does she look like now?” Well here ya go!

I’m going to point out some of the obvious….


– Yes Gatlin will be 2 years old tomorrow!

– Yes the same baby gate is in the background.

-Yes I know the pics are missing the red letter dates… perk of having originals.

– Yes I know my lighting in my kitchen is never the same.

– Yes I know I still have the same pajama bottoms.

– Yes I know the red curtains separating my pantry and kitchen are no longer there. Gatlin likes to play peek-a-boo and pulled them down.

– Yes I know I got my boobs back.

– Yes Gatlin had a contagious smile.  I look like a dork in this pic but his cuteness trumps how I look.

– Yes I know I am pregnant with baby #4… shocker for many that said I was shallow,  vain,  and my kids were probably raised by nannies. Truth is my family is number 1 always.  And won’t be complete until our next little boy arrives (Due May 21st).

– I love being a mommy ♥


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