34 Weeks Pregnant!

This is a little late, but oh well 😉

Baby Bump #4 Update!
34 weeks pregnant…
41 days to go!


Beginning weight: 118lbs (height 5’1″)
Current Weight: 136lbs

Gender:  Boy!!!

Baby Names: Ugh this is SO hard!!!  Two we have picked out are Bostin and Ryott.

Baby is the size of a Cantaloupe!

Maternity Clothes? A few pieces but mostly yoga pants! )

Sleep? What’s that? Lol no seriously I’m looking forward to nap time once little man gets here!

Linea Nigra? Very light but starting to show up

Stretch Marks? Not any new just old ones.

Shortness of breath, Probably due to my boobs quadrupling in size and accounting for 90% of my weight gain lol!! 😉

Heartburn/Acid Reflux has become VERY annoying. 

Braxton Hicks contractions are very frequent.

Baby boy moves like crazy, and often gets hiccups. 

Morning sickness has decided to make it’s way back into my world. Which makes eating and drinking difficult.  Same with the heartburn!

Workouts?  With getting contractions early I’m playing it safe and sticking to stretching, yoga movements,  and my normal daily activities (running our gym, training clients, and chasing a toddler around lol).

Diet? I’m still following IIFYM, with macros at 60-85g fats/ 400-450g carbs / 110-120g Protein / 35-50g Fiber …it’s almost become difficult to hit these daily due to my stomach shrinking or being smashed lol. NOTE: this isn’t normal for most pregnant women, I worked for months before I got pregnant to build up my metabolism.
Lately my numbers have been much lower, not by choice.  But morning sickness and acid reflux make eating near impossible right now.

Prenatal Pill
Vitamin E
ProSupps Liquid Aminos PSXXIII
ProSupps Karbolic
ProSupps TC-F Isolate Protein
Black Strap Molasses
Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (helps acid reflux… among other things)