16 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Bump Update! 
16 going on 17 weeks pregnant! Belly is starting to POP!

Size of baby: Baby is about 4.5″ long, and the size of an avocado. 

Beginning weight: 118lbs
Current Weight: 114lbs…. no change since last week. 

Gender: Still unknown…. pink or blue??

Symptoms: I’m feeling really good lately. I’m pretty sure my baby is snuggled up to my left kidney… and my bladder at night! I feel tons of movement especially between 1am-5am lol

Workouts: My workouts have not changed much. I do NOT work Ab’s at all anymore or do movements where I’m flat on my back. I have horrible ab separation so I avoid them completely. I use caution and listen to my body so if I’m not feeling it… I stop.


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