17 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Bump Update! 
17 going on 18 weeks pregnant!

Beginning weight: 118lbs (lost 10lbs due to morning sickness)
Current Weight: 116lbs…. since I stopped taking my progesterone (2 weeks ago) I have noticed lots of swelling. Mainly in my boobs lol. I’m not complaining though! 

Gender: Boy!!! ♥♡♥

Symptoms: No new symptoms. My hubby surprised me with an ultrasound. Baby looks great and everything is going good. However I have a concern (and being high risk I get nervous) my concern is that during the ultrasound I was getting Braxton Hicks contractions. It’s not so much the contractions it’s where they are. They are directly under my placenta. 
Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed this “cramping” after every workout. But it was really the Braxton Hicks contractions. I’m not dehydrated and I don’t strain during my workouts. But until my next doctors appt I’m going to stop weight training completely. Everything may be just fine and my doctor may say I can continue to workout. But my main priority is delivering a healthy baby boy. So until my appointment I’m taking it easy 


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