High Fiber Protein Waffle/ Pancake Recipe


● 1 scoop ProSupps Whey Protein
● 40g MyOatmeal oatmeal (you can customize your favorite flavors)
● 28g Oat Fiber
● 14g Coconut Flour
● 1/8 tsp Baking Powder
● 112.5g (1/2 cup) Dannon Light & Fit Greek Vanilla yogurt
● 4 Egg Whites
● 1 Whole Egg
● 2-3 Tbsp water

● Heat griddle or Waffle maker
● Add all ingredients into blender or nutribullet
● mix until smooth
● spray cooking area with cooking spray
● pour mixture, cook like normal pancakes or waffles.

Eat alone or top with anything you’d like! I love Nuts’NMore butters!

Makes 6 waffle squares, Serving is for 2 squares.

Nutritional Information:
Fats- 4g
Carbs- 24g
Protein- 20g
Fiber- 11.5
Calories- 183

Tips- I suggest using similar flavors for protein, oatmeal and yogurt.

●Example 1:
ProSupps Banana Pudding Whey, MyOatmeal banana nut bread oatmeal, and Dannon’s Banana Cream Greek Yogurt.

●Example 2:
ProSupps Glazed Doughnut Whey, MyOatmeal Old Fashioned Doughnut oatmeal, and Dannon’s Vanilla Greek Yogurt

●Example 3:
ProSupps Chocolate Fudge Cake Whey, MyOatmeal S’mores oatmeal, Dannon’s Vanilla Greek Yogurt

The possibilities are endless!!

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Fake Fried Chicken Recipe

I’ve had several people ask how I cook the chicken I post. Here is are pictures showing step by step how it’s done.

This chicken is so yummy not to mention super easy to make. It has a fried taste without the extra fat from oils

Here’s what you do…

1. Get a deep pan, that has a lid, and coat it with a cooking spray. Put on Medium heat.


2. Add chicken, I personally like to use frozen but fresh works well too.


3. Cover with lid.


4. This is what it looks like about 5-10 mins into it. Obviously fresh chicken cooks faster so you’ll have to watch it. Place lid back on pan.


5. You’ll notice a golden brown layer coating the pan. Flip chicken over.


6. Once you flip chicken add a tiny bit of water. (About 1-2 ounces)


7. With spatula or knife break or cut chicken apart. And Viola Fake Fried Chicken! No need to add seasoning this gives it an amazing taste!!


Here it is pictured with my coconut rice and baby peppers.


Hope you enjoy!

The Protein Princess
Cody Lawyer ❤

Dark Chocolate Covered Bananas

Dark Chocolate Covered Bananas


These chocolate-covered treats taste as good as a store-bought popsicle, but they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants!!

All you need:
• 8 popsicle sticks
• 4 medium bananas cut in half width-wise
• 1/2 cup of melted dark chocolate chips
• toppings of your choice… nuts, coconut,  dried berries,  candied sprinkles

• Stick the popsicle sticks into the bananas
• Drizzle them with melted chocolate
• While chocolate is wet sprinkle toppings over them.
• Finish up by popping them in the freezer on a wax-lined baking sheet

★ 30 minutes they’ll be ready to serve!